We started with Lopan Kemikals in 1972. Our beginning was humble with the manufacturing of heat treatment salts in 1972. When we started ‘RAPI CARB-H’ manufactured by ‘I.C.I’ and ‘PERLITON -55’ manufactured by HARDCASTLE WAUD were the most trusted brand carburising salts available in the market.

We were first to introduce the concept of using Sodium Cyanide with base carburising salts which resulted in tremendrous saving to our customers. With qualty in mind, zeal for service to the Heat Treatment soon we became the market leaders in North India. Our brand ‘Lopan ‘ is well received in the market and is now manufactured by Lopan Industries.

In 1983 ,we started with Hardkem Industries for manufacturing colouring and marquenching salts and its products are also well known in the industry.

We started marketing gas carburising fluid in 1995 and quenching oils in 1998 . These are also quality products and have been well received in the market.

M/s Cyanides and Chemicals appointed Lopan industries as their sole distributor for Sodium Cyanide and Potassium Cyanide for Delhi and surrounding areas in 2001.

Next in 2006, we started representing world famous Nippon Oils and Grease and Nitrotec for investment casting fixtures oils in India from Japan. We are supplying these items to major automobile manufacturers. All these items are being marketed by Lopan Industries.

Our long association, experience and wide knowledge of heat treatment prompted us to start this new venture “Lopan Metal Treatment Pvt. Ltd. ” for doing heat treatment job work in 2006 with 2 Sealed Quench Furnaces, 1 Pre Heating Furnace, 1 Tempering Furnace and 1 Washing Machine.

And now in 2019, we are equipped with 18 Sealed Quench Furnaces, 9 Pre-Heating Furnaces, 11 Tempering Furnace, 6 Washing Machine and 3 Shot Blasting Machines.